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What are the new updates on GTA 6? Is it going to be released soon?

ROCKSTAR GAMES proclaimed oc friday that thieving machine on-line can receive its biggest update ever on december 15 of month. The forthcoming Cayo Perico Heist can let players infiltrate Associate in Nursingd rob a personal island off the coast of Los urban center that is home to an disreputable malefactor.

Why GTA five over GTA 6?

On its face, this huge update to GTA five ‘s on-line multiplayer mode may appear sort of a sign that Rockstar is prioritizing rising GTA five over developing GTA half dozen, that is reportedly in early development. however the Cayo Perico Heist would possibly truly be a serious sign that GTA half dozen is simply over the horizon.

Decemer 15, the revaling day?

The theme of the new heist aligns nearly utterly with the unconfirmed-but-widely-circulated “Project Americas” rumors. This batch of alleged leaks claims that GTA half dozen would place gamers within the shoes of Associate in Nursing industrious drug moon curser that operates in Vice town and alternative South American-inspired locations. several fans believe Gregorian calendar month 15’s update may be a teaser for Associate in Nursing unorthodox GTA half dozen reveal, which might in line with however Rockstar has hinted at new games within the past.

What square measure the plans of ROCKSTAR?

While this may not be the GTA half dozen unveiling that fans were expecting, adding the GTA half dozen map to GTA on-line and marketing the campaign as a standalone title can be precisely what Rockstar is coming up with for succeeding installment of the open-world journey. alternative titles, like Activision’s decision of Duty, have adopted an identical unharness strategy and Rockstar has even hinted that it’s coming up with on restructuring however it launches games moving forward.

By launching the GTA half dozen map on GTA on-line 1st, Rockstar developers may concentrate on making the globe assets and so move to develop the campaign for GTA half dozen. This “games-as-a-service” model can be Associate in Nursing appalling thought for fans of the series, however it’d be a viable approach Rockstar may offset the “100-hour weeks” crunch that its developers knowledgeable throughout the tip of Red Dead Redemption 2’s development cycle.

Business ways of ROCKSTAR

Rockstar seems to be making ready to show this concept into a reality. GTA on-line are free on the PlayStation five in 2021, which might create it the proper entranceway to urge fans fascinated by GTA half dozen by revealing a colossal, multi-city map in order that they will sell the campaign to them at full worth at a later date.

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