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An Update on David Dobrik After Divorce!! Are David and Liza Back Together Now?

David Dobrik has filed for divorce officially from wife Lorraine Nash one-month after the two exchanged vows. But, if you are a David-stan, you could have easily predicted this result. Yeah, certainly the complete video was one big joke.

The Internet Sensation Pair:

The couple made it clear that while they were separated, there were no strong feelings between them. Liza has stated that their breakup is no reason for her departure from the Vlog Squad which she is yet pretty much a part of. Her absence is just due to her schedule, and she and David are nevertheless on good terms.

The internet personality told Entertainment Tonight – “We are getting a divorce, breaking news right here”. Court papers obtained by E! News confirmed that the 22-year-old registered for divorce at the LA Superior Court on Tuesday, June 11.

Known for his crazy acts and bizarre pranks, the successful YouTube star decided to pull-one-over on his best friend Jason Nash and wed his mom. As the private founder of “The Vlog Squad,” Dobrik and his group of colleagues post weekly videos, which frequently feature one another pulling pranks, dares, and even 10,000 dollar bets. Their videos have skyrocketed this club to internet fame, and they are each receiving the rewards.

“My friend told me I would never find love and get wedded. So I flew to his mom’s house and wedded her on the spot. Now that very friend is my stepson. True love always wins,” he tweeted back with pictures confirming his proposal and wedding in May.

Wearing a suit and a groom hat standing beside his charming bride, the YouTube star captioned the Instagram picture: “Last night I became my best friend’s stepfather by wedding his mother. So grateful for this opportunity. I will treat you as my own. Love you, Jason, now go take out the trash it is reeking up our living room.”

The Vlog Hit Millions of Views Then:

All for a 4-minute and 20-second vlog, it looked quite worth it for the comedian as David’s video has been viewed more than 7M times. The video features his proposal to Mrs. Nash at her Boston home, their shot-gun marriage in Las Vegas, and then a swift honeymoon in Hawaii. And, the best part was when he broke the news to his now-son, Jason Nash.

As part of an extensive prank on friend Jason, David proposed to and then wedded Jason’s mum Lorraine in Vegas without informing him. David and Lorraine were wedded for six months before they got divorced.

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