Why Meraastro is the best astrology app? Read this to know

Many astrology services are available on the web and mobile store, but Meraastro is the most commonly used application by users due to its outstanding features. Most of the people who believe in Astrology and consult astrologers for help. Meraastro is the best app that provides various astrology services by professionals at affordable prices.

You can get a consultation with a professional astrologer through chat or call. Meraasstro offers free services like Free Kundali, Horoscope Matching, Daily Horoscope, and Numerology. This application also provides five minutes free call or chat option for the first time users to ask their queries to an astrologer. Meraastro is the best app for astrology due to the list of features provided below.

The MeraAstro app’s mission is to connect the users with professional astrologers and solve the issues of users. The astrologers dedicating service through Mera Astro have a vast knowledge of occult sciences and solve people’s problems.

Features of Merastro App


Kundli explains the position of the planets with the help of birth details. Astrologers consider you JanamKundli to know the map of your life. With the help of Kundli calculations, they can find the events that affect your life.

Horoscope Matching

Mera Astro also offers Horoscope matching services with which an astrologer can predict the life of a girl and boy willing to marry. Users can contact astrologers to solve issues related to marriage proposals.

Daily Horoscope

Luckily Mera Astro is offering free Daily Horoscope to all the users. With Daily Horoscope, people can get the updates related to daily horoscope that lets you know about your everyday mysteries.


The numerology service offered by Mera Astro will let you know the meaning of your Name and date of your birth. By submitting the required details, the astrologer will provide the significance of numbers in your life.

Reiki Healing

Astrologer at Mera also deal with Reiki healing services and remove the negative energies present in your body. Energy therapy is performed by professionals so that one can get out of internal issues.

Colour Therapy

Astrologers at Mera Astro also perform Color therapy by shining appropriate colors on various parts of the body.

Evil Eye Removal

People believe that Evil Eye can create a negative impact on a person. Even though there were no weapons uses, the strong feel to harm others can negatively affect others. Astrologers at Mera Astro can deal with these issues and remove the Evil Eye impact.

Birth Time Rectification

If the birth takes place at the wrong timing, astrologers can rectify it by performing various pooja so that the baby will not impact his/ her life.

Learn Astrology

Mera Astro will also train people to learn astrology and the science behind performing it to those interested.

Contact Astrologer using Chat or Call

To contact any astrologer here, you can use the chat or call feature provided by Mera Astro.

Why Meraastro is the best astrology app?

Instead of rushing to multiple astrologers for different problems, you can get a solution to any issue with the Mera Astro app. This application provides a detailed report of the queries and allows you to contact your favorite astrologer for help. Mera Astro holds relationships with astrologers all over the country so one can reach them directly. It also provides a refund and appointment cancellation policy if you are not interested in the service. Any astrologer can register here to render their services under the Name of Mera Astro.

So far, many happy customers have contacted MeraAstro and got benefitted. So if you are looking for any astrology help, do connect with the professional using this application.

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